About Right Build International, Inc.

Right Build International, Inc (RBI) is a company that specializes in Construction Management Consulting, Project Management and Staff Augmentation.  Our goal is to form a mutually beneficial partnership that will allow us to assist with the administration, coordination and management of construction projects. 

As a management firm, we provide additional support to complex challenges of various projects from conception to completion.  Our team is able to assist with Operations Assessment, Continuous Process Improvement, and Project Management.  RBI can add another level of management to ensure quality and contract compliance.

Construction Management Consulting 

RBI can provide your project with quality construction consulting services to ensure that your project gets done on schedule and under-budget. We can:

1. Develop a comprehensive, cohesive plan for project team objectives, MWBE/SDBE participation, and/or cash flow and financial projections;

2. Provide project marketing, such as pre-bid solicitations/newsletters via email, fax, etc.;

3. Provide Workforce Development, M/ WBE tracking and monitoring, and strategize and improve participation , including maintaining websites dedicated to participation levels;

4. Assist with public relations and community outreach efforts.

Project Management

Effective management on a site can save you money and time. RBI is highly qualified and highly motivated to provide the best people and the best services to your project. We:

1. Maintain documents, such as schedules, pay applications, change orders, in an efficient, effective system;

2. Conduct meetings, whether pre-bid, bid, safety, job site, project team, contractors meetings;

3. Coordinate and mobilize delivery of materials and workforce to the site;

4. Create and maintain daily, weekly, monthly reports on construction progress and activity;

5. Assist with supervision of the project in all aspects, i.e. managing workforce, schedule inspections, safety programs.